Androcare Fertility Laboratories and Cryobank

Sperm Cryopreservation


Storing sperm for later use is something we should think about because pesticides, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and radiation we encountered in our environment may affect the quality and quantity of sperm we produce.It is especially recommended if you have to have radiation or chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Producing a semen sample for long-term storage can be confronting for many men,our facility is sensitive to the need for privacy and understand that many men are embarrassed and concerned about producing a semen sample.


Semen sample are collected and maintained at 37°C, to liquefy. After liquefaction, the semen sample is mixed in a 1:1 ratio with a freezing medium that allows the sperm to survive the freezing and storage process. The semen and freezing medium mixture is divided up into one milliliter portions and placed in special containers called cryovials. The freezing medium used contains cyroprotectants. Cryoprotectants are chemicals that help remove water from the cells being frozen. If the water is not removed from the sperm, ice crystals will form inside of the cell and break it up, resulting in cell death. Semen samples are slowly frozen in liquid nitrogen vapors. Once the samples have been frozen in the liquid nitrogen vapors, they are placed in special containers where they are stored in the liquid nitrogen until they are needed.

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