Androcare Fertility Laboratories and Cryobank

Sperm Donor Program

Approximately one in six couples experience infertility challenge, conventional in vitro fertilisation (IVF) have been used in treating many of these cases, but donor sperm may be required in some cases of severe male infertility where there is a failure of sperm production or where there is a serious medical or genetic condition.

It may also be applicable in cases of single women who require donor sperm treatment, either clinic-recruited or recipient-recruited. Androcare laboratories and cryobank  is here to support you in getting your desired sperm donor.


If you are a healthy man between 25 and 35 years of age, you may be suitable to be a sperm donor.

If the person donating sperm has a partner, they are also required to attend counselling sessions along with the potential donor.

You may already have children of your own and want to help others experience parenthood. Or you may not be ready to have a family of your own but want to make someone else’s dreams come true. You can also donate sperm to a relative or friend who is trying to conceive. In this situation, we may consider donors over 45 years of age.

Can I be paid to be a sperm donor?

In Nigeria, donating sperm is an altruistic act. Androcare will reimburse donor reasonable expenses for time spent attending appointments.

How do I become a sperm donor?

The first step is to contact us through this website.

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