IVF with Donor eggs: step by step

IVF With Donor Eggs: Step By Step

We understand that deciding to have IVF with donor eggs is a major move, and that there are a lot of things you would like to remember before you start taking care of them. In this blog, to help demystify the process and provide you with the knowledge you need to take the next step towards the family, we have clarified each stage of the IVF Egg Donation journey.

Who would need a donor egg for IVF therapy?

There are several reasons why donor eggs should be used by the patient , but the most common explanation is due to the age of the individual. As a woman gets older, egg production is deteriorating, so even though the patient has normal menstrual cycles. It may not be possible to conceive with her own eggs.


Other reasons for the need for treatment with donor eggs may be to prevent the patient from passing on the established genetic disorder to her child or that their fertility has been impaired by prior medical treatment, such as chemotherapy.

What are the success rates of IVF for donor eggs?

Success rates are high using donated eggs, mainly because we take great care to test prospective donors carefully to ensure their fertility is good. For example, all of our donors are younger than 36 years old, have a healthy weight and have no trace of genetic conditions.

This thorough screening process contributes to our fantastic success rate in the treatment of fresh and frozen donor eggs; our clinical pregnancy rate in 2019 was 48 per cent for frozen egg treatment and 47 per cent for fresh egg treatment.


What is the process of IVF with donor eggs?



The first step in the treatment of donor eggs is to register with at the best IVF clinic in Lagos, Nigeria.


You may have already had a consultation with one of our doctors, where you discussed the potential benefits of treatment with donor eggs, but if you do not, we will recommend this as your next step. Our specialists will discuss this with you in this consultation.

Meeting the local donation team

Next, we'll arrange for you to meet with the dedicated donation gynaecologist for your treatment . The donation agent will speak to you on the donation journey, and will also listen carefully to your donor needs and specifications. The donation team at Androcare fertility clinic in Nigeria is made up of donation experts, including nurses, administrators and physicians, who will be there to provide you with care and assistance during your journey with us.



As the top fertility clinic in Lagos Nigeria, we have highly qualified team that will offer quality counsel when you book an appointment with us so as to discuss the effects of using donor eggs in treatment.

"Counselling is an important part of the IVF treatment process of Egg Donation. We think it incredibly necessary for all future recipients of donor eggs to understand what their treatment would entail.

Our Gynaecologist will address the fertility treatment process using donor eggs at Androcare Fertility Nigeria, answer any questions you might have, and examine the ramifications of the choices being made for you and for any potential children produced as a result of donor egg treatment.

We want to make sure that we give you all the details you need at the best IVF clinic in Lagos and also that we will support you during the process”


What support will I get when having fertility treatment with donor eggs?

We understand that there is a lot to consider when thinking of fertility treatment with donor eggs, the cost of IVF, our IVF centres and so on, we are here to support you with all the information, advice and empathy that you need to feel confident in your treatment. Your local Donation Team will always be there to answer your questions, but there are also many other people to talk to at Androcare Fertility Clinic. You may wish to have more than one appointment with us, and there is lots of peer-to-peer support at Androcare Fertiltiy Clinic Nigeria too.